For the Sanus Series, custom audio solutions are adopted. This is inevitable as different rooms come with different acoustical challenges. Not only that, constraints due to space and building architecture usually present speaker installation and location problems. Furthermore, Cathedral spaces may call for main-antiphonal speaker settings, and En Chamade stops may require sounding at a distance from the main audio speakers.

Our audio design philosophy, which is consistent for all models, is rooted in the pipe organ building culture. Generally, the pipes for the ranks within the same organ division (Great, Swell, Choir etc) speak approximately from the same location. Likewise, audio channels and speakers are allocated (in separate sets) to the different organ divisions while implementing the C/C sharp chromatic separation. The goal of the multi-channel system approach is to achieve tonal clarity for both solo and ensemble sounds. Typically, a minimum configuration of 4 audio channels is assigned to each division. Thus, a 2-manual Sanus organ comes with a minimum of 12 audio channels – this is more than the average competitive brand offers (which is typically 5 to 9 channels)!