The Principal Consultant, Dr. Ayo Oluranti (formerly Ogunranti), brings his wealth of experience in the fields of church music, organ playing and computer technology to play in keeping the Sanus Series abreast of contemporary artistic and technical trends. He handles product research and development, tonal design and voicing operations for Sanus Domino.
Ayo, a product of the Universities of Southampton (UK) and Pittsburgh (USA), has conducted professional choirs and orchestras, and given recitals on historic organs at home and abroad. Oluranti, a composer of international repute, researches African traditional musical processes and resources for use in his intercultural creative language.
While Ayo has successfully designed, directed and managed both liturgical and pentecostal church music programs, he also had diverse professional work experiences with multi-national firms including Procter and Gamble, ExxonMobil, British Gas Trading (Centrica), etc.

(, +1 412 455 5350, +234 9033733362)