Our four-stage operational system protects clients’ interests before and after sale:

I. We carry out a site inspection to evaluate the acoustics of the proposed organ space, the power supply source and the electrical design. We make projections concerning the console and audio system locations.

II. Prior to designing the proposed organ, we consult and dialogue with the client to uncover specific musical and product preferences (repertoire, tone, audio, budget etc).

III. We plan installation ahead with ample attention paid to physical matters of aesthetics in the proposed organ room/space. During installation, we carry out the on-site tonal finishing and ensure that we meet up with the client’s requirements.

IV. With a strong ownership culture permeating our after-sale services, SD still takes ownership of the product’s performance even after delivery and installation. Our Preventive Maintenance program, achieved by visiting our installed products at least twice a year for routine maintenance, ensures a negligible product downtime.

Just as a pipe organ is voiced to suit its specific location, the Sanus system offers similar flexibility through voicing at the level of individual sound harmonics. This peculiarity, which sets Sanus organs apart from ALL sampled-sound organ brands, is the closest possible approach to the creative artistry of conventional pipe organ voicing. It accounts for the excellent and convincing Sanus organ sound quality.

The stops of a Sanus organ can further be re-voiced to adhere to ANY tonal tradition at any point during its life. That is, the stops of a 63-stop Sanus organ can be replaced with 63 totally different sounds at the instance of the customer to create a new organ.

The use of the real-time tone generation technology is uniform across the full range of Sanus Series (no graduation as with most other brands). Hence, the same outstanding tonal quality is sustained throughout the whole gamut of Sanus models from the entry model to the high-end instrument.

As stops are added on a Sanus organ, individual stops retain their timbral characters while their individual contributions to the chorus buildup are unmistaken. The Sanus voicing system facilitates minute timbral changes such that each stop has its tonal individuality and further functions productively in an ensemble.

Each Sanus organ is built to order with the customer choosing the design and audio details such as the disposition, tonality, console style, keyboard type, pedalboard type, audio channels, speakers, accessories etc.

Sanus organs are conceived and built on the basis of a practical and effective design economy. In designing an organ, it is our philosophy to begin with the essentials for ensemble sound and then add the elements of variety on a secondary level. With little as twenty-three stops, the entry-point instrument is equipped to handle most materials from the vast literature for the organ as well as suffice as a church organ. Thus, with our pragmatic approach to organ building, there is an organ for every reasonable budget.

The production of Sanus organs at the Lelystad factory of Eminent Orgelbouw follows an extremely reliable heritage of Dutch organ (pipe, electronic and digital) construction: the real-time tone generation system has a proven reliability; dependable components are used in the design and the construction of the electronic systems; the audio system is conservatively designed for longevity; the organ design incorporates tropical considerations. Thus, Sanus organs, which are all power protected with a voltage regulator and 3kVa inverter, are simply built to last and so are reliable.

With the part replacement culture, which forms the basis of the twenty-first century digital organ maintenance, product warranty is a major parameter in the durability equation. Sanus organ products are backed with a ten-year parts replacement limited warranty as well as a five-year labor limited warranty. There are no annual agreements or hidden charges.

While we offer products of the highest quality, our prices are highly competitive. We offer the best prices for instruments that you can count on for longevity. And because of the reliable technology of our products, constant maintenance is eliminated, greatly reducing long-term ownership cost.

Our typical order-to-delivery time never exceeds 16 weeks despite the fact that all our organs, as bespoke products, are built on order. The low-end models are delivered within 8 weeks.