The Sanus Digital Organ Series is the product result of the collaboration between Sanus Domino, Nigeria and Eminent Orgelbouw, The Netherlands – the first company to build an electronic organ in Europe (the true home of organs and organ building) in 1960. The bespoke digital products are designed by Sanus Domino & manufactured at the Lelystad factory of Eminent Orgelbouw. The organs are representative of Sanus Domino’s professional views and convictions as organists and church musicians.

Excellent twenty-first century digital organs, like pipe organs of all ages, are not products that can be purchased off-the-shelf and used straight from the can. First-rate digital organs are designed and built to meet the specific requirements of the end-user and the acoustical space where it will be utilized. In line with this contemporary trend, Sanus Domino offers the Sanus Series as custom digital organs of quality and value, unlike the standard and mass produced organs that the immediate market offers. These are musical instruments individually crafted to each customer’s unique requirements of tone, audio, aesthetics and music literature.

Sanus Organs use an advanced real-time computing technology with which any tonal scheme, English Romantic, German Baroque, French Romantic et al can be achieved. The custom Sanus Audio System is based on a multi-channel routing principle with C/C sharp chromatic separation. The implemented electronic system for the Sanus Series is at the vanguard of contemporary systems design. All models have the same outstanding quality of wood work design and production - the consoles and benches are hand-built to high standards from a choice of different wood types such as oak, mahogany, wenge etc. The keyboards, which are available in a variety of colors and finishes, have a top resistant light tracker action.

In executing our design and production ideologies, we use the standards germane to good pipe organ building within feasible limits vis-a-vis digital organ technology. Consequently, we achieve with the Sanus Organ Series our set goals of high construction quality and more importantly an exquisite and quintessential pipe organ sound realism.