“The sound of the newly installed Sanus organ is such an inspiration. The product providers excelled at building an organ that meets both our expectations and budget. The handling of the organ procurement process exudes unparalleled professionalism and for a custom made instrument, the order to delivery time was exceptional.”
- The Ven. Arch. T.O.S. Ayodele (Vicar, All Saint’s Anglican Church, Oshodi)

"By and by, the world of organ building is going through a significant technological transformation which is making traditional pipe organ lovers confounded about new possibilities. SANUS organ represents one of such new possibilities and going stronger in search of a pipe-less sound that defines the new generation of organ sound that will probably reshape our world of organ music."
– Sunday Olawuwo (Organist & Master of the Music, Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, Lagos)

“A magnificent array of tones and well projected into the heart of the auditorium. The sound is distinctly clear and an exact replica of the pipe organ. Perhaps the swell requires a mutational stop of its own, and also sub-octave and octave couplers. The pedal should have a Quint 102/3 or its lesser fractions. The overall beauty of tones as well as the finish represents the complete idea of Mozart when he referred to the organ as wonderful King of all instruments.”
– Segun Enitilo (Organist & Master of the Music, St. Jude’s Ebute Meta, Lagos)

“The Sanus IV 630 organ is recommended as fitting to any Cathedral. The stops are quite unique. Every one of them speaks with distinct effect. This is good. The bank is rich and quite impressive. Excellent tone and very good audio quality. The regal toning is quite astonishing. Could be better designed to have the music rest adjustable to the size of the player. Seems a little high.”
– Deacon Victor Durodola (Oritamefa Baptist Church, Ibadan)

“The Sanus organ is the best when compared to other electronic organs. The hardware (keyboard and pedal board) and the outstanding sound quality make a perfect blend and the price is affordable to even smaller churches. I have no doubt that the organ can compare to a pipe organ because of its special features and the ability to be integrated to a pipe organ. The technical crew is committed to their work, especially, Mr. Ayo Oluranti. I therefore recommend the product to all churches.”
- Seyi Adeliyi (Assistant Choirmaster, Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Cathedral)

“Superb audio quality! I am thrilled that Sanus Domino has risen up to the task and finally, we can enjoy good organ music in our churches. More grease to your elbow.”
- Seun Ajayi (Choirmaster & Organist, Bishop Oyebode Memorial Anglican Church, Ibadan)

“You find yourself staying longer than planned listening to or playing the newly installed Sanus organ. It beats any in its class.”
– Deoye Ogundipe (President, Mens’ Christian League Society, Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Cathedral, Lagos)

“The vibrant tone of the new St. Theophilus Church organ, a Sanus II Positif, is pleasant! It sounds very much like a pipe organ and the console is such a beauty to behold.”
– Kayode Ariyo (St. Theophilus Anglican Church, Ikeja, Lagos)

“I must say with all confidence without fear or favor that the Sanus organ in my Church is a unique organ and it should be seen to be used in all Churches. The sound quality of this organ is second to none with the congregation enjoying every bit of the quality in sound production without the usual complain about not hearing the sound of the organ in certain areas of the Church. It is suitable for the present and future need of the Cathedral. The organ has brought an outstanding prestige to the Cathedral has it is now the talk of all Organist and Choirmaster in Churches within and outside Lagos, it has also made the Cathedral a tourist attraction center for musicians to visit. It is definitely the right choice of organ for the Cathedral. The crew at Sanus Domino is prompt and regular for customer support service calls; they visit the organ often and don’t wait until they are called upon.”
- Bolaji Adeyemi (Secretary, Organ Committee, Mens’ Christian League Society, Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Cathedral, Lagos)

“Unique English tonal design. The clarity of tone is superb. Not heard in a long time. The solo stops are distinct; You don’t need to pull many solo stops to get the required sound intensity you want. The console is magnificent. Apart from good sound, it also beautifies the church. Cathedral effect in organs that is normally absent in organs generally in Nigeria is achievable on this organ.”
– Ayo Ajayi (Organist, Christ Apostolic Church, Yaba, Lagos)

“Articulate and fine tone! Highly impressive audio quality and interesting console features.”
- Harry Ibiyefiebo (Organist, MFM, Lagos)

“It is a great privilege having this kind of organ in Nigeria.”
– Muyiwa Alabi (MFM Music Consult, Lagos)

“Real English disposition! For the audio quality, a little lower general volume would remove the distortions. Congratulations and we wish you many more years of healthy competition.”
- Julius Nglass (Zeen Ventures, Nigeria)

“Excellent tone and very attractive organ. It will be a delight to the church and the organists.”
– Kayode Morohunfola (Organist, Ikoyi Baptist Church, Lagos)

“Try to make this product affordable to churches and churches will be willing to buy. A totally impressive organ, I am glad I played this.”
- Adeolu Akeredolu (Former Organist, St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral, Ibadan)

“Superb audio quality. The console is very cool. Been a long time I played an organ as good as this.”
- Adeyeye Uche

“Extravagantly outrageous tonal design. Brilliant audio quality – excellent. Console, specifications and features beautifully designed.”
– Femi Faroore